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Dave with some VIP's

Dave and the colonel

Sightseeing in Croatia Dave and Joe at Panache
Dave and his long lost brother Dave in Montreal Ray Charles Trumpet Players
Dave and his nephew Dave and the bear  

Dave and the Colonel

I was walking around Tokyo one day, and saw an American celebrity. He was very friendly, although somewhat quiet, and he kindly consented to let me take my picture with him.

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Imagine my surprise when while walking down the streets and canals of Gouda (not pronounced like it looks, please consult someone Dutch for proper pronounciation), I ran into my long lost brother. We had a nice chat, mainly about cheese new and old, and promised to keep in touch via e-mail and Western Union cheesegrams

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Dave and his Brother

Dave and Brett

This is indeed a very special person in my life, my nephew Brett taking a first trumpet lesson

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Croatian Excursion

Fellow members of the Ray Charles Orchestra
with a rare day off to sightsee in Split, Croatia
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Dave with Stephanie Biddles at the Upstairs Jazz Club in Montreal, Quebec

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Dave and Stef

Dave and the Bear

A very friendly bear

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Dave and Joe

Dave and Joe Metzga at the Panache Coffee shop
Home of great jazz on tuesday and thursday evenings
Look for the large copy of this picture behind the aquarium
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Ray Trumpets

The Ray Charles Trumpet Section

From left to right:

David Hoffman, Larry Gillespie, Ted Murdock, Kenny Scharf

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Dave (with a very long beard) and two of the best trumpet players in the world, Roger Ingram and Ted Murdock

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Dave, Roger and Ted


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