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Stories and photos of the life of a road warrior

I've been on the road for many years. During that time you do gather a few stories to tell. So in words and pictures, here is a little bit of my story. These are excerpts from an upcoming book that will tell the whole gruesome tale. Well, maybe not the whole tale; you would never believe it.

Story Pages

Book Introduction

Tribute to "The Farns"

Dangers of the Road

Wine Cellar Jazz and Adams Apples
(or An Evening in the Underbelly of the
City of Lights)

Why Does My Suitcase Smell Like Salami?

What's That Bus Doing On the Highway, or When Good Vehicles Go Bad

Getting There, or Yet Another Sad Saga of a Dead Motor Vehicle

A very silly sound file of Dave being discussed in Norwegian

My Obituary for Ray Charles

My review of the movie "Ray"

Photo Pages

Dave with Ray Charles

Dave with friends and VIP's

Silly Scenes

Central Illinois Jazz Society, March 21, 2004

The Bob McEntyre Quintet at "The Coffeehouse"

Scenic Photos



Dave Japan    
Dave somewhere in Japan
    Dave Moscow
Dave in Moscow, complete with funny hat
Dave Alps    
Dave in the Italian Alps


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