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Silly Photos
Through the years I've seen some pretty silly things. These rank right up there at the top of the list

Bad Foreign Signs
Generally from Japan and the Balkan states, these establishments prove the English is not everyone's second language

Nice Eat You

It's bad enough that this restaurant in the Shinjuku district of Tokyo chose a name like "The Sandwich Field" But the addition of the bottom line really makes this a classic.


I'm not sure the message implied is really what the proprietors of this establishment had in mind. This one is also from Japan, where I guess everyone wants to "Be Black"

For lots more bad english, visit

Be Black

Honky Donkey

No, the Texas Honky Donkey is not in Texas. It is in Estonia, but I'm sure the their slogan of "visit Texas, eat Texas, drink Texas" made the patrons believe that they were smack dab in the middle of the lonestar state. After all, it is a "real place", with "real stuff" and "real music" What more could you ask for?

We go to Europe for this one, which I suppose is imploring us not to play the trumpet. I certainly would agree that certain trumpet players should be silenced

No Trumpets

Not Allowed To Sit out or Dance with Audience

From Malaysia, the strangest visa stamp I have ever got. If you look on the bottom of the left page, you will see that we are not allowed to "sit out or dance with audience" And since they have the death penalty in Malaysia for many things, I didn't dance with the audience.

Silly Moments on the Road

I wish that I had caught more funny moments on film, but rarely is the camera in reach when a spontaneous funny even happens. However, here are a few choice moments
Band Antics

A Classic moment in band history, somewhere in Europe. We were waiting for the bus to arrive, and Roger Ingram decides to vent some frustration in Curtis Ohlson's direction. Stella Yarborough is looking decidedly unamused about the whole thing.

No Smoking

Yet another "Roger moment" that's pretty much self-explainatory

Rehearsal by the pool. Somewhere in Michigan, I think. Arman Marmelejo and Peter Beltran started diving into the pool between tunes, and by the end of the rehearsal we were all jumping in during 16 bar rests. One of those lighthearted good times that are memorable.

Topless Trombones
Zoot Suits

Not even the suave and debonaire Richard Ford and Michael Guerrier can make these silly zoot suits look good. Sometimes I think Ray Charles dresses the band.

What can I say? I'm a guitar playing cat!

Guitar Cat


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