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Teaching Studio

David is now teaching students of all levels from beginner to expert.

Areas of instruction include

  • Basic and advance instruction on brass instruments (trumpet, cornet, trombone, french horn, baritone, euphonium),
  • Basic and advance instruction on piano and electronic keyboards,
  • Improvisation on any instrument
  • Composition, scoring and arranging
  • Computer programs for musicians (Finale, Sonar, Sound Forge, Band in a Box, Acid)
  • Computer music composition

Lessons available in Bloomington, IL (The Music Shoppe), Peoria IL (Samuels Music).

David is also available for clinics, seminars and special concert appearances.

If you are interested in being contacted concerning instruction, please email me.

Online lessons in improvisation for any instrument

Click here for the new series of basic improvisation lessons


Play the Blues, Baby
An easy lesson in how to play the blues
for all instruments

The Portrait of Dorian Mode
How the white notes can change your life

Getting the Flow
A little more advanced study using the ii7/V7 progression

A book EVERY musician should read


Stay tuned for more lessons, including blues especially for guitarists and more about the TwoFiveOne guy that everyone keeps mentioning

Free music paper in many formats!
The University of Virginia has generously put several formats of music paper on the net for you to download to your computer, where you can print them or take them to your local copy shop

Free Music Paper



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